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Indices Trading

From the Dow Jones to the FTSE 100, trade all the major global Indices with tight spreads, instant execution and expert support.

Market Spreads and Pricing

FX Pair Spread (avg.) Leverage (up to) Contract/Lot Size Trade Now
Wall Street 2.8 1:50 10 Buy
FTSE 100 3.2 1:50 10 Buy
DAX 3.2 1:50 10 Buy
HSI HDK 22.3 1:50 10 Buy
China A50 11.2 1:50 10 Buy

Indices trading with Bost

The major global indices such as the Dow Jones and the FTSE 100 are comprised of some of the largest companies in the world. The weighting of the Indices can often accurately reflect the economic performance of a country. Our tight spreads, mobile and desktop trading capabilities and 24/5-access to the markets keeps you connected, so you can trade Indices anytime, anywhere on MT5. Join the thousands already a part of the Bost community, and let us help you master the MT5 platform, analyse the markets and identify Indices trading opportunities.

Ready to trade?

Gain access to all the major Indices markets and trade now.

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Indices Trading FAQs

  • Each Index runs on its own country’s time, for instance the UK 100 (FTSE) runs on GMT time and as such is open to trade during the day based on GMT. Therefore, each Index has differing trading hours. For a full breakdown, visit our Indices market page.

  • At Bost, you can trade all the major Indices, including the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and UK 100. For a full list of the Indices that you can trade, visit our Indices market page.

  • There are no hidden fees when trading Indices with Bost.

  • With certain markets, you may be subject to overnight fees but we ensure all our costs remain highly competitive within the industry.

  • Indices are comprised of a number of stocks, be it 30, 100 or even 250. By trading Indices, you’re speculating on the combined performance of all the stocks within an Index. Stock trading, on the other hand, involves trading just one stock.